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The SCR affiliate program

Becoming a partner

Selected partners are allowed to join the SCR affiliate program to earn money by promoting SCR products and services.

To get started:

1. Get in touch with us and share details how you want to promote
2. We will review your offer and get back to you in 48h
3. If accepted, we will share with you all required media and affiliate tools
4. Feel free to use the existing tools and media to promote our services in suitable ways

Interested? Get in contact with us:

Please ensure a proper representation of the brand and associated graphics and texts. When in doubts, please get in contact with your contact person at SCR. We reserve the right to disable your account if you misuse the product.

Payments and payouts

As an affiliate partner referring customers, every time someone places an order through your content (so called "affiliate link"), you’ll be paid 10% of the entire value of all ordered products). Every time, a previosly referred customers places an order (e.g. second order of an already referred customer) you’ll be paid 10% of the entire ordered product value.

You earn a comission for the entire customer lifetime.

You’ll be paid in EUR after conversion on a monthly basis. The minimum payout amount is 100 EUR.

How you make money:

1. Someone clicks on your content and makes use of your affiliate-link ( OR
Someone scans your QR Code or enters your affiliate-link manually in the browser
2. Your affiliate-link brings the user to a signup page. User signs up.
3. Once the user places an order (now, or in future) we will inform you that you referred a customer
4. Payout happens on a monthly basis once if 100 EUR of comission is achieved. You'll receive an email with payout details.

Interested? Get in contact with us: