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Sélection Cheminée Royale's mission is to search for the highest quality sturgeons in the world, to ensure a constant stellar customer satisfaction.

Our strong partnership with Gourmet Trade and its experience and know-how makes us serve Haute Cuisine and professionals.

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„From Huso Huso to Kaluga to Baerii or Osetra, our caviar and salt masters have 30+ years experience and prepare and choose all of our caviar based on the critical 3 T's - tone, texture and taste”

- Hurmasd S. Arjomand, Sélecteur and Créateur de Caviar

Our Promise

Our mission and promise is to search relentlessly for the highest quality sturgeons in the world, the best partners and salt masters, to ensure a continous, outstanding customer experience.


Enjoy the "Tête de la Crème" ("top of the cream") of Caviar. Freshly and carefully packed. CITES certificated to ensure legality, sustainablilty and traceability.


Save time and easily order via our app. Usually just 24h to 48h later, a carefully arranged package gets delivered. Time to relish the "Tête de la Crème" of caviar.


We are more than happy to answer questions. Our Sélecteur and Créateur de Caviar answers all caviar-related questions to make sure that you fully enjoy our Sélection.

Discover our selection of the years best quality of selected breeding sturgeons

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Huso Huso Malossol Persan, Diametre >3,4 mm, known for the 3 G's: Gros, Gras, Gris

5.000 €/kg

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Huso Dauricus Malossol Persan, Diametre >2,9 mm mild, fine nutty, lightly earthy, softshell

2.500 €/kg

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Malossol Persan, diametre >2,9 mm, fresh sea notes, oceanic, softshell

2.200 €/kg

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Ibiza Caviar

Malossol Persan, diametre >2,9mm, flor de sal from Ibiza, 100% Baerii, softshell

2.200 €/kg

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The history of Sélection Cheminée Royale

The name Sélection Cheminée Royale comes from the Persian Grill & Caviar Restaurant called "Cheminée Royale", which our Sélecteur's father Monsieur MirJahangir Arjomand opened in Paris in 1986.

It was one of the most prestigious Persian-Oriental restaurants in Paris at the end of the last century and a meeting place for Caviar lovers, aficionados, and connoisseurs.

Monsieur Arjomand kept in his restaurant the "Sélection Cheminée Royale" for friends and selected guests. By doing so, he shared Persian oriental hospitality and culture combined with the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Decades later, Sélection Cheminée Royale is still continuing this dream.

Our Recipes

We have started to publish our high-class recipes.
Find below a small subset of our proven recipes.
More coming soon.

Lobster poached with caviar

Maguro Yellow Fintuna with Kaluga caviar

Caviar Canapé with Wagyu and truffle

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